Vanessa Van Edwards, Bestselling Author of Captivate, Behavioral Investigator

Vanessa is a behavioral investigator and national bestselling author of her recent book, Captivate: Using Science to Succeed with People. Vanessa is also a corporate speaker, body language trainer, and has had her work featured on CNN, Forbes, NPR and more. Vanessa also runs Science of People, her human behavior research lab, blog, and hub for educational resources on charisma, influence and the power of body language.

In this interview, Vanessa starts by digging into the psychology behind what motivates people to buy. She talks about how to use confident—but not overly aggressive—body language to have more effective sales calls, video meetings and demos. Vanessa wraps with sharing her tactical sales advice for introverts, how to avoid the most common (subtle) sales mistakes, and her take on negotiation.