Noah Kagan, Chief Sumo at and Appsumo

Noah is the founder of 2 multi-million dollar businesses: and Appsumo. Early on, Noah did a short stint as employee #30 at Facebook and employee #7 at Mint. Shortly after that, he moved on to start his first million dollar company—Appsumo, a deals site where you can pick up discounted offers on popular online tools & apps. Now, Noah’s focused on growing, which has a range of free tools to grow your email list.

In this interview, Noah talks about how to get early traction with your idea and make your first 10 meaningful sales that'll set you down the path to growing much larger—pulling from his 24hr beef jerky challenge (link below). He talks about building out and scaling up your sales process, bringing together a sales team that fits your company culture, forging high-value brand partnerships. We wrap with Noah's advice on exactly how to get a sales job with his team 😉

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