Neil Rackham, Bestselling Author of SPIN Selling, Sales Consultant

Neil is the author of the international bestselling book, SPIN Selling which launched the topic of consultative selling into the forefront of modern selling. Neil pioneered and documented the consultative selling approach through his famous study analyzing more than 35,000 sales calls in over 20 countries, over the course of 12 years. Neil has also consulted for executives of more than 40 of the Fortune 500 companies including AT&T, IBM, GE, Microsoft, and Oracle. Now, Neil spends much of his time speaking, lecturing, and advising companies around the world.

In this interview, Neil takes us back to the birth of consultative selling, sharing his lessons learned from listening to over 35,000 sales calls and the ways in which he's used those learning to teach hundreds of sales organizations how to become more effective. He covers his path to mastering outbound selling, B2B enterprise sales, creating thought leadership, building a high-performance sales team, and how consultative selling should be adapted to today's world.