Juliana Crispo, CEO at Provide and Founder at Startup Sales Bootcamp

Juliana is the CEO at Provide, the education-focused network that helps high-performing sales talent accelerate their careers. She’s also the founder of the Startup Sales Bootcamp, the largest program of it’s kind in New York that teaches people how to effectively sell complex SaaS products. Juliana's landed enterprise sales deals with companies like American Express, Chase, Staples and more.

In this interview, Juliana starts by covering what she sees as the key traits, qualities and characteristics that set the highest-performing sales reps (and managers) apart from the rest. She talks about how to position yourself for getting a promotion in a sales role, and dives deep into the B2B enterprise sales strategies that have worked for her over the years, including a case study from her time leading sales at Ghostery. We wrap with her thoughts on sales education, training, and what should be in your sales tech stack.