Jill Konrath: Bestselling Author, Speaker and Consultant at JillKonrath.com

Jill is the bestselling author of the books Selling to Big Companies, Snap Selling, Agile Selling, and More Sales Less Time—the latter of which is filled with strategies, actionable ideas and unique experiments to help you free up 1-2 hours a day for focusing on what matters and closing more sales. Jill is also a strategist and keynote speaker at sales conferences and for Fortune 500 companies.

In this interview, Jill dives deep into how to prioritize your time for the highest-impact sales activities, increasing your productivity, and how sales managers can incentivize their teams to focus only on the tasks that drive the highest return. Jill talks about how the most successful sales organizations are building and managing their teams today, the biggest challenges facing salespeople in our world full of "tools" (how to combat these challenges), and Jill's best investment she's ever made towards building her selling skills.

Jill's best-selling sales books.