Max Altschuler, CEO at SalesHacker, Bestselling Author, Speaker

Max is the Founder and CEO at SalesHacker, the media company behind, their event series, educational content and conferences. Early on, Max worked at the online education company, Udemy, where he was the first sales hire and was charged with building the process that launched the Instructor side of their marketplace. Max is also the author of bestselling book, Hacking Sales: The Playbook for Building a High Velocity Sales Machine, written around his own experiences building sales teams and consulting for other companies.

In this interview, Max starts off with sharing lessons learned from his early days in the world of sales. He talks about how he's systematically gone about building a high-velocity sales machine multiple times, how to create a sales process from scratch and how having a powerful personal brand can help you sell more effectively. He wraps with his advice and experience on booking partnerships & contracts with large enterprise organizations, his thoughts on hiring, managing, and how to navigate which tools should be in your sales tech stack.