Luke Braud: LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Former CEO at Heighten (Acq'd by LinkedIn in 2017)

Luke now works with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator team, having recently sold Heighten, the company he co-founded and was the CEO of to LinkedIn earlier in 2017. At Heighten, Luke and his team were building out a suite of tools including sales process tracking, pipeline reporting and an intelligent notepad geared around helping salespeople become more productive & effective.

In this interview, Luke talks about his definition of sales productivity, why LinkedIn purchased his company in this space, how salespeople can become more productive through eliminating low-return activities, and how managers can support these behaviors. Luke digs into how to build a scalable sales process and a team that can support it, how technology is shaping the future of sales, actionable strategies on how to effectively sell to customers that use competitor solutions, and his process for understanding your target customers.