Anthony Zhang, Head of Sales at Hull, Former Salesforce and SalesLoft Alum

Anthony is the Head of Sales at Hull, a customer data management platform that syncs key information about your customers (and leads) to all of the different tools you use. Anthony was the #1 highest performing SDR on the Pardot team at Salesforce, later moving over to SalesLoft where he became the company’s director of sales.

In this interview, Anthony starts by walking us through a day in the life of a Head of Sales. He covers his thoughts on building out an agile sales process that's flexible and can adapt to responses in the marketplace, and his thoughts on hiring the right individual contributors for your sales team. We wrap up with personalization at scale in sales (what Hull helps companies to do), the power of data to help you sell more effectively, we walk through a case study in landing a memorable client, and cover dealing with difficult negotiations.