Wade Foster, Co-Founder and CEO at Zapier

Wade is the Co-Founder and CEO at Zapier, the connector tool that allows you to sync data between web apps. Zapier now has over 2.5 million customers, including companies like Buzzfeed, Spotify, Adobe and more—using the platform that integrates with more than 750 different apps & tools. After studying industrial engineering and getting his MBA at the University of Missouri, Wade went on to join Y-Combinator, the startup accelerator to focus on bringing Zapier to life, and the rest is history.

In this interview, Wade shares his experiences bringing in the first round of customers back in the early days of Zapier. He talks about how he and his team have systematized using content marketing to drive a high volume of inbound leads for their freemium product, including how they convert free trial users into paying customers. He wraps with touching on partnership marketing, and what it's like both building and managing a remote team.