Suresh Khanna, CRO at AdRoll, Former Director of Inside Sales at Google

Suresh is the Chief Revenue Officer at AdRoll, the retargeting and prospecting platform in use by more than 35,000 advertisers worldwide. Before AdRoll, Suresh spent 6 years as a Director of Inside Sales at Google where he led acquisition of mid-market and large advertisers. Suresh has worked at SAP, Oracle, McKinsey, and also advises startups like and

In this interview, Suresh leans on his 12+ years of experience building and managing an inside sales team at AdRoll and Google. He talks about his process for setting realistic organizational goals, empowering individual contributors, and then rewarding his teams for high-performance. Suresh wraps with his outlook on coaching, mentoring, change management as a sales leader, building and adapting an inside sales process to fit real-world responses.