Alex Berman, CEO at Experiment 27

Alex is the CEO at Experiment 27, his consulting company that helps digital agencies generate high-quality leads and book more clients. He’s worked with companies like Tyson Foods, Power Rangers, the Emmy’s, and more. Alex is a pro at cold emailing, and his company Experiment 27 was voted LinkedIn ProFinder's Best of 2016 for Lead Generation.

In this interview, Alex takes us on a deep dive into the world of outbound selling, something he's mastered over the years. He talks through using cold email to land enterprise customers (including an in-depth case study on how he predictably pulls this off) and his process for generating high volumes of qualified leads. He wraps with covering more on inbound marketing, how to convert warm leads into closed sales, and which tools should be in your sales tech stack.


Alex's checklist for optimizing your cold email outreach

Alex's video tutorial to cold emailing (when you don't get a response)

Alex's cold email campaign that generated $10,000 (video)