Samir Smajic, CEO at GetAccept

Samir is the CEO and Founder of GetAccept, a solution for designing, sending, tracking and marketing proposals with the goal of getting more deals digitally signed. Their tools are in use by people at companies like Holiday Inn, ZenProspect, InDinero and more. Originally from in Sweden, Samir and his team made it through Y Combinator, where they experienced massive growth rates, launching in both the U.S. and Sweden simultaneously.

In this interview, Samir takes us back to the early days at GetAccept and talks about making their first SaaS sales, what it's been like selling to Fortune 500 enterprise organizations, and how he manages a remote team. Samir covers getting press, the most effective growth channels they've seen for driving inbound leads, and why he's chosen to build an entrepreneurial sales team. He wraps with sharing his experience creating a sales process from scratch and by explaining the power of in-person meetings.