Mark Roberge, Bestselling Author, Investor, Advisor, Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School, Former CRO at HubSpot

Mark is the bestselling author of The Sales Acceleration Formula: How to Use Data, Technology, and Inbound Selling to go from $0 to $100 Million. Mark is a former CRO at HubSpot, where he led the company’s acquisition of their first 10,000 customers. Mark is also a senior lecturer at the Harvard Business School, an MIT alum, and somewhere in the mix—he finds time to speak, invest in, and advise companies like Drift, Boston Consulting Group, and BounceExchange.

In this interview, Mark talks about his experience building a scalable, predictable sales process during his time as the CRO at HubSpot. He covers outbound selling, landing key SMB and enterprise clients, and his view on the future of SaaS sales. Mark wraps with his thoughts on building out the right sales team for your organization, common mistakes sales managers make (including how to avoid them), impressive sales organizations today and the best investment he's ever made toward building his selling skills.